The crafts and techniques that define our carpet production are time-honoured, passed down
generations of carpet makers. Artisans whose sole intent is to give uncommon life to metres and
metres of the finest yarn, mastering the making of carpets that do not just please the eye, but
touch the soul.

A vertically integrated manufacturing process allows us to be in complete
control of the production from design to dyeing to effectively bringing the
architects’ and designers’ precise visions to life, down to the
last detail, and in countless colour variations.


At Patodia, our expertise extends to almost all forms of carpet making.
This is evident in the range of carpeting solutions we provide, which includes




Design Studio

Design a rug from scratch or innovate with our own unique templates to get precisely
what you seek. It’s what the varied expertise in handcrafting different types of carpets
allows us to offer. Although we do our best to accommodate the thoughts of designers
and architects who seek a Patodia carpet, our pattern library, which houses a collection of
inspiring designs, many of which are unreleased, is extensive and can be quite a
time-saver. While true creativity is essential, we understand that, just as design can follow
global trends in fashion and art, it can also create them.

Dyeing is done in-house for the majority of the yarns we use, which means that we can
provide numerous variations of any colour, including the one you dreamt of. Creating rugs
that generate emotion, we’ve discovered, comes out of a sound understanding of not just
design but also of materials and the space the rug is meant to occupy. For instance, while
the standard machine made pile length is 8mm, the hand made one is 12mm. The
difference is obvious, not just in the look, but in how the rug truly gives life to the
environment. We’ve had the pleasure of taking forward the design visions of designers,
architects and individuals who know what they or their clients are looking for. From
Europe, Asia and the USA.