A legacy that goes back to 1881 when a talented carpet weaving community was discovered by an Englishman, A Tellery. While the ownership changed over time, putting the Patodia family at the helm in 1980s, the expertise and skill not just in manufacturing but also design became only more refined.

Working with some of the world’s foremost carpet designers you’ll find a customised Patodia carpet in palaces, hotels, restaurants, offices and even luxury yachts and aircrafts, across 4 continents.



The craft and techniques that define our carpet production are time-honoured. Techniques passed
on down across generations of carpet-makers. Artisans whose sole intent is to give uncommon
life to metres and metres of the finest yarn, through a set of hand tools that haven’t changed
much. What has changed though are materials, and the processes that define the development
of the product. Our endeavour, to constantly innovate with new materials and methods, has led to
the development of new standards and processes that we utilise to ensure carpets that are the
closest to perfection. Our hand made carpets production capacity is 50,000 square metres every
month, which means one container being shipped to a city in the world every second day.





Our design studio services a school of our own designers - some young, some highly
experienced, and those of our clients as well. While we create our own designs periodically, our
design studio extends a variety of services to clients who need design assistance beyond the
ordinary. From the exploration of basic themes to establishing the slightest tones of colour, the
idea is to enable accurate expression, as desired by the designer, the ambience, the establishment
or the brand. Our design studio runs under the aegis of Hands, our exlcusive private label in India.

Community &

A large proportion of our processes are directly related to the use of human skill and expertise. The people we employ, and their families, are important to us. Patodia is registered with Rugmark and Care & Fair, initiatives against illegal child labour and for the support, health and education of people and children in the carpet production community. Our belief in the values that these initiatives stand for is matched only in practise. Although we are ISO-14001 accredited, we ensure our environmental management standards go beyond the ordinary. All steps in the production process are filtered down to ensuring cleanliness, hygiene and ecological safety. Our Products carry greenguard certificate for LEED standards.

We Are

At the heart of Patodia is a set of values that
makes us, us. Originality – craftsmanship –
transparency - and a desire for impeccable
quality - the understanding that every carpet is
an expression of a fine legacy.

To create art that’s timeless, that inspires joy,
requires an understanding of materials,
spaces and restrictions and above all a
mastery of design and skill.