Hand crafted luxury carpets

With a legacy of over a century, we are recognized as a leading handmade
carpets and rugs manufacturer and specialize in offering bespoke solutions to our
clientele around the world.

The Legacy SINCE 1881

A legacy that goes back to 1881 when a talented carpet weaving community was
discovered by an Englishman, A Tellery. While the ownership changed over time,
putting the Patodia family at the helm in 1980s, the expertise and skill not just in
manufacturing but also design became only more refined.

Among the many carpet manufacturing companies in India, we are the bespoke carpet
manufacturers working with some of the world’s foremost carpet designers. You’ll find
a customised Patodia carpet in palaces, hotels, restaurants, offices and even luxury
yachts and aircrafts, across 4 continents.


Mastering the art of handmade, ensuring optimal quality
throught the manufacturing process.

Custom Carpets

We are custom carpet manufacturers with a reputation of providing highest quality and bespoke services. With design and production wholly inhouse, we custom make carpets in our own special way. Some of our finest carpet weavers bring to life designs that are created, not just for the space, but also for its owner. A carpet born out of a personal expression, a decor idea, or the freedoms and limitations of the space. All of this drives innovation, not only in design, but also in making of the carpet.

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What makes Patodia exclusive is our form of carpet making something that is evident
in Hotels and Palaces carpeted by us across the globe. Among the many handmade carpet
manufacturers in India, Patodia always stands out to be the most reputed
company because of its unmatched quality

Our Brands

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